As a thought leader and coach,

you know you’re here to transform lives.

Deep down, the calling is clear.


You do your best to shine your light brightly in the world,

yet there seems to be something holding you back from the bigger success

you feel called to step into, and you can’t quite put your finger on what it is that’s holding you back…


You’re moving quickly, but you’re not getting very far.


You’re grateful for the success you’ve had,

but still get trapped in the comparison game,

secretly envious of other coaches moving so much faster.


You’re mysteriously stuck and don’t know why

you can’t jump to the next level in your business.


You’re a manifester and know you deliver great value,

but lately you’ve become too afraid to look at your bottom line

or fear of not being as good as other coaches.


No matter how much of yourself you put out into the world,

something is keeping you playing smaller than you’re meant to be playing.




Is it your money mindset?

Energy blocks?

Lack of productivity?  


After working with hundreds of women to make massive shifts QUICKLY,

I can tell you that the solution is easier than you think

and it doesn’t take years of therapy or a bigger following to achieve…




When you integrate aspects of yourself that have been hiding in the shadows

(we all have them, and most of us don’t even know it!),

you can you truly step into your fullness.


I help you make this big shift in one accelerated session,

so you can quickly get back to doing what you do best – only better and brighter.  



Shatter the Glass Ceilings that are holding you back…FAST!

This is 1-on-1 coaching for 2-hours $447 for a limited time!!!


Huge Results in 6 Weeks

This is 1-on-1 coaching for big, lasting shifts

Once a week 90-minutes call with me, 6 weeks plus 2 weeks bonus for limited time! (first and last call are 2 hours) Investment $3000

This is for when you’ve worked on your money story, made some MAJOR headway but you need one to one support to have your next real breakthrough.

You have achieved a certain level of success and now you’re ready for the next financial increase but the same strategies aren’t working because something internal is blocking, and/or you know how to practice self-care and you read all the right books and try to keep your mindset positive, but you’re too busy taking care of others to have it really sink in.