Hi! I’m Monica Pelayo

I’m a life coach. I hate the term life coach and never want to use it, but it’s the best shorthand for what I do. If I told you I help you live a life you love, which is really what I do, you’d say, “you mean you’re a life coach?” So yes, I’m a life coach.


My specialty is helping you find out what REEEEEEALLY makes you happy and how to get tons of it!

I have a secret weapon for this that always works.

You know that feeling of having a hot, new romance? A giant crush that makes you want to squeal? And your crush feels the same way about you?

That feeling like you just got an amazing compliment from someone important to you?


When you work with me, you go to bed with that feeling

You discover how to have it all the time, all on your own.

You may not think you’re looking for a romance with yourself, but you wouldn’t believe the difference it makes in your life.

Want to know more about me? Read on

Fotos-hijos-MonicaI am

Monica Pelayo. I’m from Newport Beach, California. I lived in Mexico, where my parents were born, and then moved back to L.A., and now I’m in Madrid, Spain, where I have two kids, an ex-husband I absolutely adore and respect, and an awesome, romantic “special someone.”


I also have a long sob story with a happy ending

There’s a video coming. But for now, here’s the nutshell version, because nobody wants to hire a coach who doesn’t get it:

My father died when I was four, and my mother became terminally ill when I was ten and lived till I was 21. I was overweight, I tried to kill myself, I was clinically depressed, and I always felt that I was putting up with constant emotional abuse from someone close to me. I didn’t just feel like something was missing. I felt like EVERYTHING was missing. And, wrong with me.


In my wildest dreams, I never imagined I’d be where I am now:

Connected to myself and what makes me feel happy. Absolutely LOVING my work with women like you. Saying no with grace when I need to, and yes to myself. Grateful in every moment. Travelling to L.A., Miami, Cancun, Paris, Puerto Vallarta, and all around Spain. (And that’s just in one year.) Hanging out only with people I dig in a big way, and being fully present when I’m with them. Making time for myself, even going out to parties here and there. (And you haven’t partied till you’ve partied in Spain. The social life here is amazing — better siesta first, my friend!).

I’m enjoying my children and confident that I’ve become a better mother. In fact, I’m in love with my children, and vice versa. The other day, one of them actually said, “thank you for making me and being my mom.” That made me feel like I must be doing something right.

Want to feel that way in your life? Like you’re finally doing something right?

Looking for the smarty-pants, cut-and-dry credentials? Here you go:

Certified Life Coach since 2007

  • Certified Integrative Coach Profesional, trained personally by Debbie Ford and the staff of The Institute for Integrative Coaching. -San Diego, California
  • Achieved the highest level of Certification as a Life Coach, Profesional Practitioner. Training qualification through the “Our Living Center- Touchstone for Life program”- Los Angeles, California.
  • Completed and supports the Landmark Education Curriculum. – Irvine, California
  • 20 + year as life student of A Course In Miracles.
  • California-licensed minister (I officiate spiritual and non-denominational weddings all over the world — in English and Spanish)
  • Family Constellation therapist, trained by Rosa Lopéz Villalba at Infinito (Center for Natural Wellbeing) – Madrid, Spain

Think we’re a fit? Want to work together?