Is your Shadow Self  holding you back from your Next Level of Success in your Coaching Business?



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You give SO much to the world.  You are an overflowing well of knowledge and support for your clients.  You’re a manifestor and you make things happen.  You give and give.  You hold space for sooooo many people.


What if you could really understand what it is your true self wants to say to you and what your shadow wants or needs from you so you can not only break through, but receive the gifts that you are here to give.  Imagine receiving the clarity about your next steps, (i.e. your next book, program, launch).  Imagine feeling totally relaxed, confident and ready to move forward with an internal knowing that you are doing exactly what you’re meant to be doing and you’re completely on your path. Never second guessing, never comparing yourself to others and secretly feeling like you don’t have what it takes to go to the next level.

Imagine a really safe place where you don’t have to coach yourself, you don’t have to have all the answers and figure things about by alone.  A place where for the next 90 minutes, you make the commitment to not judge yourself and you feel safe enough to discover that part of you that needs you the most, your shadow self.

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have you ever secretly felt this wayHave you ever secretly felt this way? 

  • You know how to enroll clients, you know how to build your business but now something is keeping you stuck and as a coach, you feel that you’re less of a success because of it.
  • Sometimes when you have inspiring ideas you stop yourself short of your full potential for fear of how people will react (is it too much?)
  • You have achieved a certain level of success and now you’re ready for the next financial increase but the same strategies aren’t working because something internal is blocking?
  • You know how to practice self-care and you read all the right books and try to keep your mindset positive, but you’re too busy taking care of others to have it really sink in.
  • You’ve worked on your money story, made some MAJOR headway but you need one to one support to have your next real breakthrough.

I can help. My name is Monica Pelayo, Shadow Work Expert for Female Coaches and Thought Leaders.  I love giving female coaches the support they deserve, the safe space to be human and a place to find the gold in their shadow.

I am so grateful for this mission I’ve accepted.  Through my shadow work and my work with A Course in Miracles, I have been able to integrate light and the dark together in my coaching programs to allow women to bring to light that which they’ve been trying to hold down, the parts that wish to be heard and expressed more fully.  This is what leads to brilliant success and brilliant breakthroughs personally and financially.  

I have discovered over time that if something doesn’t seem good, I get to find the gold behind it all.

Today I love that my dark is as welcomed as my light. I don’t worry as much  anymore about being “too much” or “too little, a bitch or a victim,” because when I pay attention to these aspects of myself, they bring me back to my journey of joy and peace, acceptance and being whole.  So I allow them to be part of me.

I don’t worry about being vegetarian or liking meat, about having a glass of wine or having green juice. I am ok now with who I am. Now, I trust myself on making business decisions, life decisions and honor the part of me that needs to be heard. I trust myself completely and when I don’t, I ask that part of me again, and as a result I have new and amazing breakthroughs.

And I’m also okay with not having all the answers all the time.  So, I am allowed to be timid, extroverted, supportive, loving, bitchy or quite frankly my dear, not giving a damn, it’s all a part of me.  

But let me tell you the real story because it wasn’t so good…

My father passed away when I was four, and my mother became terminally ill when I was ten and lived only until I was 21. I was overweight, clinically depressed, tried to kill myself, and I always felt that I was putting up with constant emotional abuse from someone close to me. I didn’t just feel like something was missing. I felt like EVERYTHING was missing. And, wrong with me.

One day I was sitting in my room and I heard the song from Real McCoy “Run away, Run away and Save your Life.”  A voice said “that’s it!”  

I packed my bags, sold my stereo and bought a one way ticket out of Mexico all the way to my hometown in California whMarianne Wiliamson y Monica Pelayoere I was born.  When I arrived a new friend gave me the book, Return to Love by Marrianne Williamson. 

After reading this book I became a student of A Course in Miracles and felt like she literally saved my life. I thought if I could save ONE life the way she could save mine, my life was worth living.  I began my studies with Debbie Ford and Marianne Williamson so that I could support people’s lives too.  Around this time, (about 11 years ago living in Orange County, Los Angeles,) my cousin invited two friends over to have a book discussion on Return to Love by Marianne Williamson.  They had some questions for me and wanted to hear my take on it.  This small group started with 3 people.  I shared my perspective and began to do on the spot coaching work with these women.  I was guided to continue this every Thursday to talk about fear, blocks, forgiveness and I developed a way of receiving information and sharing it as I went. 

What happened next was astonishing…

In a short time, this group grew to 50 to 60 women filling my living room to hear me speak each week.  Before I knew it,Monica Pelayo Telemundo TV "Entre Nosotras" I was interviewed by TeleMundo, one of the largest Spanish Language Television Broadcast Network in America to speak on a women’s series.  That guest spot turned into a regular show for a year’s time. “Entre Nosotras” where we focused on women and provided them with information to help them feel better about themselves personally and professionally.

Flash forward to today, I have over a decade of success stories through my work as a shadow work expert.

Elizabeth Chavolla y Monica Pelayo

“Her life coaching skills were exactly what we needed to inspire and motivate our female viewers.” 

I invited Monica Pelayo to our show on a weekly basis. Monica was a guest every Monday for nearly a year.

Elizabeth Chavolla – Multi-Platform Producer, Telemundo 52

Sherina Mayani

“After our session something energetically did clear up in my business and I was able to bring in 7 new Coaching Clients totaling more than $20k in Sales!”

I had a real transformation after having my session with Monica, I was able to see things in a different perspective and love myself more because of it. I felt as though something was released.

 Sherina Mayani – Life and Business Coach

Minling Chuang y Monica Pelayo

“Coaching with her has made me realize that I’ve been not allowing my self to accept every aspect of my life.” 

Monica is amazing at what she does. Coaching with her has made me realize that I’ve been not allowing my self to accept every aspect of my life. And as a result it was keeping me stuck. In one session, I was able to unblock my fears and bring about a new level of self love. I am now more confident in my business as a result from working with Monica.

Minling Chuang – Brand Strategist & Coach

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Behind the Shadow we can find Gold: 

An internal beauty that needs to be heard.

Monica Pelayo Shadow Work Expert for Female Business Coaches and Thought LeadersBecause I am so passionate about serving the female coach and thought leaders of today, I created the Freedom to be Me Program. This is especially DESIGNED for high-level coaches and thought leaders who are passionate about bringing emotional and financial freedom to hundreds and thousands of people AND desire their own sacred space to create their own freedom, clear their energy, uncover their own gifts in a deeper way, and align with their source. 

No longer will you get lost in the business, the marketing, the overwhelm, or feel a sense of loss and disconnect from yourself and your community.  You bring so much hope to women and to humanity and yet only a well that is full can provide relief to those who are thirsty.

Just because you are a successful leader does not mean you are never allowed to feel fear, shame, anxiety, depression or confusion. 

To the contrary, those are awesome opportunities for new breakthroughs.  You are not static, you are fluid and just because you’re an expert, doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to give yourself a high level of support to continue to have the type of breakthroughs that got you to where you are today to begin with. 

When you’re not liking how you’re feeling there is a part of you that is not being heard and needs your attention.  It is usually something that wants to contribute to your peace and happiness.  We see it as a block or a shadow but behind this shadow is the true gift.

         A Unique and Transformational Approach

My approach is unique because I don’t tell you what to do or advise you what to do or coach you to believe a certain thing.  I guide you through a process where YOU find the most surprising and amazing answers to your questions and your blocks and your struggles.  I am always surprised on the information that comes within my clients.  The things that come up often seem surprising because you may feel “I already worked through that,” or “I didn’t think that bothered me anymore.”  But at the end my clients report that they can clearly see how these past experiences have been blocking them in their business and once finally released and forgiven, they can see and hear the important message that wanted to be heard in order to move on.

We have all read the books, met amazing coaches and mentors who have changed our lives and have inspired us to live a more purposeful life with more love and joy and now this is the time that we get to meet our own internal teacher. 

“My 30 Day Money Slump Unblocked!”

I knew it wasn’t my marketing, my branding, my sales strategy or anything else because I’ve mastered all that. It was ME. Implemented that plan and enrolled 4 new clients for a total of $14,000! Poof! Magic!

Jessica Riverson – CEO and Founder, Permission to Charge™

“Life Changing! I could not be the woman or business woman I am today without Monica’s coaching”

After working with Monica in a few sessions I had enormous shifts in both my professional and personal life. 

Naomi Ashcroft – Business Mentor & Coach

Azucena Gomez

“Our viewers were able to receive not only direct coaching from an expert on how to deal with their feelings and everyday situations.”

When Monica was a weekly featured guest on our mid-day show at Telemundo, the “Entre Nosotras” segment was the most talked about. Our viewers were able to receive not only direct coaching from an expert on how to deal with their feelings and everyday situations, but they were also able to connect with an honest and real woman, a friend. As the host, I myself developed a special relationship with Monica that has lasted through the years. She has an amazing soul!

Azucena Gomez – News anchor/Reporter Telemundo Los Angeles

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3 Core Transformational Breakthroughs

♥ Transformational Breakthrough #1: Experiencing our Present Self being fully “IN” our body and out of our cluttered mind. 

As we move into this breakthrough, we are looking at fully stepping into loving our present body and self, creating new possibilities in our life.  What difference does this make in coaching your own clients to success?

You know those moments when you feel like “Wow! That was an amazing coaching session!”  This is the vibration you always want to be  in with clients.  But how can we do that without removing our own blocks and being fully present and in integrity with ourselves first and foremost?

When I refer to integrity, I don’t mean moral integrity, rather wholeness.  For example, a house that is built on a faulty foundation, filled with cracks, begins to crumble, because it is not whole.  So, it lacks integrity.

This is where we begin to raise your vibration higher.  Raising your vibration.  The only way to raise your vibration is to listen to your relationship with yourself.   The way we heal is by starting a new relationship with ourselves.

A deepened relationship with self and gratitude for your body allows you to develop better boundaries, more respect for yourself and others.  Boundaries are KEY in business.  When you’re in complete gratitude, your vibration starts going up.

We are constantly looking at our body without much respect. We may work for hours and hours until we burn it out and the body is going to get your attention when it needs some rest.  It will get your attention when you’re doing an intensive or you start gaining weight because there is a lot of weight that you’re carrying and you’re not listening to it.  Now is the time to move into expansion through gratitude and full presence in our lives.

♥Transformational Breakthrough #2: Programming your Future for Desires, Money and Meaningful Lifestyle Options. 

This is the time when the desires and money and affirmations come from what we feel we are able now to create. Now through our shadow work and deep processes we are moving into creating and expanding into much bigger spaces that really move us and make us happy and causes us to feel true joy.

♥Transformational Breakthrough #3: Turning the forgotten past into greater Wealth, Deeper Connection and Clarity for your business mission and personal relationships.

This is the breakthrough where by healing past relationships and “old energy” we open up new doorways to wealth, connection with self and others and gain clarity on our next step and direction in business and in our own personal lifestyle. Our primary tool is forgiveness. This is a tool often talked about, but rarely truly applied in a sincere and meaningful way that can change the very essence of our existence.

Maybe you can relate to this Transformational Breakthrough Story from a High Performing Branding Coach.

A success in her own rights, she always felt that what she did wasn’t good enough and that everything needed to be perfect in order to put something out there.  You can imagine the stagnation and emotional turmoil this would create in a business that was her mission and passion. Even when she did put something great out there, she still had this nagging feeling that it could have been “better.”  Through our shadow work we uncovered this piece was coming from a story with her father where he would always say “you could have done better” even if she got good grades and won awards.  It was never good enough.  It was so difficult for her to see this because she LOVES her father and didn’t acknowledge she had made this unconscious agreement with him to be “not good enough.”  In reality, those were HIS fears, and HIS story, not hers.

Today she is able to fully own her own brilliance and is soaring to new heights in her business and embrace and honor her father for doing the best he could and giving her the gift of self-love.

The Freedom to be Me Program:

Huge Results in Just 6 Weeks’ time.

In this program we will:

↑ Raise your vibration, (You know it’s true.  This is what makes business and clients come to you).

↑ Heal relationships of the past that are subconsciously blocking you in the present from greater abundance, money and clients.

↑ Learn to be in the present moment through gratitude and self-acceptance to finally feel whole instead of obsess about your failures.  

↑ Tune into your desires, your money and your tangible plan for the future and genuinely being able to teach your clients how to do the same by living as your own example. 

↑ Get you in alignment and integrate the power of the light shadows which allow you to integrate the power to create (more joy, expansive business, more peace).   


     Here’s how your personalized program works:

First you’ll receive a comprehensive welcome packet, so I can get to know you and the inner workings of your business and mindset and understand how they are connected and pinpoint the exact DISCONNECT that you’re looking to clear.

You’ll receive:

→ 6 private coaching intensives with me, 90 minute duration

→ Email support (for those occasional freak out moments)

→ Customized exercises including journaling, rituals, forgiveness processes, etc.

When you enroll, you’ll also enjoy these two powerful bonuses:


Bonus #1:  ($500 value)

Stepping into your Future Self, 2-Hour Intensive. 

In this powerful two-hour intensive, I will guide to see and experience what is available to you outside the story of your past.  This visualization will allow you to discover what is truly important and inspiring to you, having you feel completely passionate about your path of success.   We will identify the specific milestones that will mark the progress to your goal.  I help you hold the biggest vision of yourself and step into that vision in the present moment.

Bonus #2:  ($500 value)

Embracing the Light Shadow Session.

In this personalized session, we look at the light shadows; the most positive, brilliant parts of yourself that are being covered, hidden or suppressed out of fear of judgment, rejection or ridicule.  So often we find pieces of ourselves we didn’t even know existed, yet we get inspired by seeing it in others.  But if we didn’t have it, we couldn’t recognize it.  In this session, we get to meet that part of you; the brilliant part we have subconsciously blocked from our awareness, keeping us from actualizing our true potential with business and money.

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Q & A

Why are the session 90 min and not a “normal” 45min or 1 hour coaching session?   Each session is experience as an intensive.  We go deep in each session, requiring more time to go deeply and answer the powerful questions and receive the answers of our shadow.

Will I make more money?  I work with successful coaches and thought leaders who know how to make money, but often have blocks to their own next level of success.  When my clients embrace the aspects of ourselves that need our attention and clear the blocks, get back in alignment with their purpose and passion, they often experience massive shifts in their finances.  While I cannot guarantee you will make more money, you would be surprised to know how much our past relationships, our ability to forgive, and our relationship with ourselves can affect our cash flow.  It is really hard to work on your business when you’re in emotional pain.  We will unblock your freedom to make more money.

Do I need to be clear on what’s blocking me?  No, you don’t need to be clear.  That is what we are working on; to find clarity, looking at the block and finding the answers.

What are you going to teach me that I don’t know already:  Nothing.  I guide you to your own wisdom to your true teachings, allowing you to integrate all aspects of yourself and feel whole, while you teach others.  When you bring out your own teachings and your own wisdom, you come out more powerful with the message you give to your audience.

I inspire other people, but will I feel inspired by ME?  If this is your goal, YES.  You will feel inspired by you.  You will be surprised by how inspired you can be in this process.  You will rekindle the original inspiration upon which you created this business in the first place.

Kisses from Madrid,

Monica Pelayo

Shadow Work Expert for Female Coaches and Thought Leaders 

Monica Pelayo Shadow Work Expert for Female Business Coaches and Thought Leaders

P.S. Sooner or later you are going to work on this, whether you’re ready to or not.  The Universe keeps bringing up the lessons we need to learn, until we learn it.  And it can be the hard way or the easy way.  If you knew in the first session you’d have a breakthrough to finally listen to that part of you that really needs your attention and you’d leave relaxed, with clarity and with an understanding on how whole you truly are.

Would you give yourself that gift?